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Free Backlinks to your Websites

One needs backlinks which are recognized by search engines. Backlinks are the measurement for Google & Co, how interesting your content for other websites appears. There for the search engine algorythm of Google has developed a special Prestige Ranking (PR) awarding system. As higher the PR of sites where the links are comimg from as higher your own site will gain points for it's own PR.

One can built free backlinks. But be careful about the speed, if your new site gets too many backlinks right at the start, it won't be accepted as natural linking. Those links will be simply ignored and your time is wasted.

Anyhow at a certain time one must start with building backlinks. A good start is to place your Domain in Profiles of Social Marketing pages like Facebook and Twitter. There you can also hook up with other website owners and ask them if they are interested in backlink exchange. If possible use your keyword or keyphrase as anchor link to your pages.

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Members of our free script can claim 50 PR0-PR4 links. Viral-website-traffic is a free service too. Once you are member you can claim your free backlinks at your members page. Go to BONUS and follow the link to claim your free backlinks.

Then you can start blogging at free blogging services and place your links there as well. Ask other bloggers to repost or reblog your entries which contain your links.

Article publishing is one way to get high PR back links as well.

Your website office will soon start to publish useful Blogs and other WEB 2.0 services which are free to use and such with a high PR. One more advice you need to avoid double content in your Blogs or articles. Only unique content will effect your PR positive. As of now the list of Web 2.0 sites can be found here.

Our Backlink service for you

Clients of your website office team are lucky, our backlink service is included in our wesite design service. But for those of you who already have a Website or Blog we do offer to help you to build backlinks to your sites. We do work carefully and place links to your sites from existing pages where we are in charge. The backlinks will be placed within a period of 3 month so they will appear natural for search engines. Our standard backlinks are coming from PR0 - PR3 sites.

This is what you receive as our standard Backlinking Service

* 50 Backlinks from sites with a PR between PR0 up to PR3 (all sites are still gaining more Prestige through the time as they exist. Your links will be permanent as long those pages do exist.

* You will receive a proof for each linked site where your Backlinks have been placed

This is how we work together with you to get your SEO done

You will have to pay a one time fee of 30 USD to our Paypal account. As soon we received your payment we will aks you for your backlink details ( Keywords and URL)

If you like to place a full article at one of our sites feel free to contact us.

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Backlinks to your sites

Since Google released the penguin update one needs content rich sites where backlinks are coming from. Be careful about buying links and signing up for backlink boost services or website data bases. Make sure you read about their Prestige, google for reviews and find out what other people have experienced.