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Affiliate marketing tips and tools

If you don't have your own products or ideas for sale, or if you like to make an additional income to your main business affiliate marketing is a good choice.

Your website office is there to show you how to find the best affiliate marketing services beside Google AdSense and Amazon. Of course those are the most renown services, but there are some more very efficient affiliate marketing services available.

One thing they have all incommon, you have to place advertising at your website or blogs.

Selling branded products is always the best choice to make. This is where the success of c junction is coming from. Branded Products and high commissions paid to their affiliates. CJ is quite choosy about their members and not everybodys website will be accepted. So if you can get their attention, your website is a kinda honored already. Commission Junction pays regular as soon your accoount reaches 100 USD. You have plenty of branded products to chose from. They will provide Banners and Text advertisements which you can place to your websites or blogs by including the code which is given to you. Affiliate Marketing is all about Multilevel Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in Europe and Germany

While Comission junction offers their service World Wide, Superclix is offering their service especially for the European Market. They do pay for Leads and also pay commission for sales. Until now their page is in German Language available but, the products and services are targetting Europe. If you let their website being translated by google you will find your way around. Anyway this service is worth to give it a look at. They pay as soon your account has reached 10 Euro.

You want to run your own Affiliate Shop?

If you have some real products to sell, you can open your own online shop. There is one available which even comes with an Affiliate Programm. Sell your products and find your own affiliates, who are going to refere even more customers to you site. They do the marketing and get a commission paid from you. The system is easy to install and you can customize your own shop using the tools in your admin panel. The script works with paymentprocessors like Paypal and others. And you know what Yourfreeworld offers even Products which you can sell. Like E-books and software with complete rebrand and resell rights. You see even if you thought you have no products to sell, you can still start your own online business and work at home. Sign in and you will get access to more free information's and you can check out how your future online shop will work for you. Don't you worry, They will not bother you with a bunch of E-mails. Read our chapter "How to sell online" if you are not yet sure if you like to run your own online shop.

Promote your E-Mail services and Traffic Exchanges as affiliate marketer

You might have considered to use E-Mail services and Traffic Exchanges to get additional website traffic. If you did, why not promoting them. This are services who are offering a wide selection of opportunities to earn commission as well.

Since you are using this services to get your business exposed, this kind of side income will be just an additional one. Be smart and use it to promote your own sites.

Read first about our chapters Traffic Exchange.



Affiliate Marketing

"One can make money online, even if you don't have your own product. Promote the products of others and receive commissions"

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