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Success as Amazon affiliate

There is no doubt, that being affiliated with Amazon can bring you in a serious amount of reoccurring income. But let's face it, just those entrepreneurs will succeed, who really do understand how to optimize their sales strategies. You might have signed up as affiliate at the worlds most popular online shop because you have bought a product for yourself, you might own a website or you simply invited some of your friends to join and let them take a look of what Amazon has to offer. That's how the most affiliates start making a little side income, not much but still it was good enough to buy one or 2 more Items just by using the commission earned. Others are owners of websites and thought it might be a great source to finance their server costs. They display Amazon products instead or in additional to Google ADsense advertising. Well that works, but is it a real business already?

Just to give you some insights: My wife and I do offer private accommodation here in the Philippines and I have set up a website in different languages and of course, guests which are coming to us are also interested in travel books - more specific travel guides, to find out which other places might be interesting to discover. Of course I have integrated a page which leads them to travel guides sold at Amazon. This little peace of site made me sell 64 travel books, just as I said before, nice sideline income but not really a business.

How do buyers find a way to Amazon?

You might think that buyers will find their way to Amazon just because of the name of the brand? Not exactly – in fact not at all! People are looking for specific products right at the time just when their thought about it popped into their mind. Of course if they are already customers at Amazon and made a cool deal, they might go directly to their existing buyers account at Amazon.

But what if they are not yet customer? They simply type the product which they are looking for into the search field of their internet browser. Exactly, they just don't care where they buy, they want it right away at the best price available. Remember your first encounter with Amazon – wasn't it just like that? The product which you have searched for came up at page one in your search results. Or you stumbled on one of the Google ads right in front of you and ended up buying your desired product.

Well that's shows us the way – the strategies – how to succeed as affiliate of amazon.

General speaking you need to be on top of the search results with your website. Yes it is possible to rank higher than Amazon in search engines.

Here some short pointers:

As much better you have described your product using different keywords as faster your site will be recognized by search engines.

Amazon best selling strategies for professional online marketer

That above was for starters. Professional Amazon affiliates do more than that. They set up their own small niche product amazon network. Means they set up more than just one website. Ideally at least 9 niche product sites combined with a central individual Amazon shop to be linked and relinked with the complete network.

You think that's expensive? No, it isn't!

A single domain doesn't cost you more than $15 a year and you can buy your own server space with unlimited domains to set up, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited online space for less than $20 a month. Let's say your network is about 10 perfectly written websites, then your annual costs are less than $400. Not much considered that you now have set up a real online business to succeed with from the comfort of your home. Which business of your own can be run with less investment?

You have no idea to find the right niche products? You have no time to get it done all by yourself?

Well in that case simply contact us via skype: klausbiesel You will find out that you can still build your own Amazon business without risking a fortune. Your website office would be happy to assist you. We are going to update this page soon with more details and fully packed with ideas for you how to become a successful Amazon affiliate. Bookmark this page come back as often you like.

Even if you have established your online business with Amazon already, you will find out, that email marketing is indeed a proper channel to extend your offers to online entrepreneurs just like you are. This pages will show you a way to even more sales. Here is my special offer for existing Amazon affiliates.

You can find additional information at which is a great source for starters.



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