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Banner Exchange

Banner exchange is another way to place your advertisement at other website owners pages. But there are risks you should know about.

In the classical banner exchanges you will provide you website details and a banner which is linked to your page. You will then have to put a code into your site, which allows to place banners of other members of the same banner exchange service.

The thing is, you have no control what kind of banners will be shown. Your website office strongly recommend that you use those services only which guarantee quality banners only. Infact Klaus cancelled all his memberships in banner exchanges. The impact was quite useless at all.

With whom you should exchange banners

Your website office shows you how to use Banner exchange in a more successful way as desribed above. Banners are attractive as the big skyscraper banners of Google AdSense advertisers proof. According to Google Banners are eyecatching have a high impact.

Create a meaningful and attractive banner first. Create them in different sizes. If you had contact with people who are willing to exchange links, ask them if they would place a baner of yours as well.

Place your banners at blogs which you own and use them at your Facebook.

Banner exchange used for Traffic Exchange

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Traffic exchanges do allow you to place banners at their sites as well. People will see them while surfing through all the given offers and if they are interested they will click through. Text links can be placed as well. Both banners and text advertisings do need a massive amount of views, before they finally will be recognized.

If you are member in different traffic exchanges you will have noticed that banners do not have that high impact at all, but if your banners are hooked up with every single advertisement, no matter where they are shown by the traffic exchange owners, then your success will drastically increase. Hot Website Traffic is the one Example where your banners are hooked up to your affiliate ID.

Banner AD cooperations

Banner Ad cooperations are the most easiest way to introduce your sites to thousands of people without wasting your time for READING, CLICKING or SURFING. Simply upgrade, or purchase the amount of impressions and place your banners for your sites infront of interested people. GTM guarantees that your ADs will be placed at prominent ADspaces only! NO need to exchange ADspaces only if you want to do so!

You can sign up at GTM today, give it a try, you'll see you don't need to be a programmer or coder, to get that simply task done!

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Banner Exchange

"Successful only if you know how to do it and with whom you do it."