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I-racing online racing game

I-racing ist far most the best online racing game simulation, which I have ever played so far. The Race tracks and racing cars feel so real that you can't stop using this online racing game. It is amazing how I-Racing works. The Tracks had been scanned with high end laser technology and the racing tracks can be felt as if you were sitting in your own car. I am using I-racing since 2 Years and my skills are increasing. I meet new friends from all over the world.

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I-racing and Internetmarketing

I-Racing is simply more than an online racing game. The numbers of members and fans is increasing as fast as the owners couldn't have hardly expected by themselves. Not just because of the price, which is roughly 8 USD per Month also because of the given features for social marketing. One can design his own car skin. Making own designs and if you are up for, one can place own Logo's and Text on every single car. Not just brands like ADIDAS. Brand your own business while having fun with this amazing online racing game.

Compete in real challenges or practise together with people from all over the world. Chat or talk to them and tell them more about you. It is not just a way to get away from your business hours and having some leisure time fun. I-racing can be your social marketing tool as well. Even stronger as Facebook.

Take a look at this amazing pictures and see the designs of my cars which I made so far in I-racing.





"Simply more than just an online racing game."