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Monetize your Website

Make some serious money by monetizing your website. If you are having your own URL or even a free Blog you can make money while showing advertisements at your pages.

Of course this starts working best, when you start getting real serious website traffic, thats why once again, you need to make sure that your SEO is properly done.

The most renown way to monetize your Website are the advertisements of Google AdSense. You will be the one who gives advertising space to the clients of Google. Google provides a variety of choices how big or small this space could be and you can influence how it will look like at your pages. Google is very strict about cheaters, if you ever click yourself or if you anmitae people to click on your displayed ads, they will simply close your account. Read their guidelines to be at the safe side.

Amazon and several other services will provide you with advertisings to be placed at your website. This helps to monetize your website.

As soon your website appears at page one you will get as well plenty of offers from companies or website owners who want to place advertisements at your pages. This is great, it shows your website is interesting and valuable.

But, do yourself the favor and first check out the pages where you might advertise for. See if they are blacklisted or try to find reviews. Do not link to pages with adult content and do not link to Gambling sites. If your site is free of this kind of content, then keep it this way. If you don't, you will loose rankings.

Affiliate marketing to monetize your website.

Read more about it in our chapter Affiliate Marketing. This chapter shows you more and efficient ways to monetize your website and guides you to services which are reliable and serious paying. Real alternatives to monetize your website by using affiliate programs or even better, you can see how you could start your own affiliate shop and where to find products to sell.

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Monetize your Website

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