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No need to pay for SEO

Searchengine optimization is nothing but plain clean work and the knowledge of just a few rules ones has to obey. Once you understood how this rules work together your site respective your website source code is perfectly optimized for your SEO. Klaus has put those rules together at one single page. A step by Step SEO guide how to get your sites perfectly optimized for search engines.

Your website office is following those simple rules and this is where the success for our clients is coming from. Feel free to check out the above link and if you still have questions, come back to your website office.

Our SEO Searchengine Optimization for you

If you still want to get some more advice or even if you simply don't have the time to think about your searchengine optimization, your website office team can help. We will analyse your site and will find out which keyword or keyphrases would bring the most possible impact in search engines. We will do more than giving you some suggestions, we will guide you to your success.

This is what you receive as our standard SEO Service

* We do analyse your source code

* We will find the best keyword, or keyphrase for your index page

* We will tell you exactly what has to be changed

* We do send you the optimized Metatags including the Keyword or Keyphrase

* We will monitor your success

This is how we work together with you to get your SEO done

You will have to pay a one time fee of 150 USD to our Paypal account. We start working for you as soon we received your payment. You will then be able to optimize your other pages. If you insist to let this work be done by us, we do offer huge discounts for every following page of the same URL we are working for.

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Marty Petrizza

Klaus Biesel has done an awesome job for me in getting Website-Traffic-Hogs Rankings moving up the charts! He is tirelessly dedicated to serving your needs and making sure you get the results you expect!


TestimonialJelita GIGI ExportEven though we don't sell our ZEEZEN titanium jewelry directly to end users. Our Brand is now present in search engines. Thanks to the Your website office team, we know now so much about SEO, that we can do it by ourselves. Jens Henrik Hansen owner of