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How not to use Traffic Exchange

Never ever send traffic to your sales page directly. It will damage your sites reputation because you will have a high bounce rate. If you have Google AdSense at your page it not allowed to send traffic by Traffic Exchange services at all.

Be aware! If you drive traffic to your OWN websites DOMAIN not to one where you are affiliated with, you need SAFE Traffic.

Safe search traffic is built for WEBSITE OWNERS, the admins do explain step by step, how to get safe traffic, without risking your URL's page rank!

How and why using Traffic Exchange services

Your website office shows you how to use Traffic exchange services properly. We know that you are eager to get traffic to your new website, but please read carefully what we have to tell you.

Traffic Exchange is a very good way to start with. If you have decided to use a traffic exchange you will see that the most members are presenting offers about money making online. You might think why using it to show them my products? The explanation is quite easy. All those people have wishes, needs and dreams as everyone else. If they are interested in your offer they will visit your page.

But again do not use your sales URL. Build a free "dummy page" and use this one to exchange traffic only. If you have more than 1 website to promote, you should use a website rotator.

How to built a dummy page for your Traffic Exchange

Your Website office prefers Weebly to built a dummy page like the one Klaus set up to promote "Your Website Office". Weebly does'nt care how much bandwidth you use and it comes for free without disturbing Advertisements. Simply built your own page and then use it for your traffic eschange. Read more about splash pages "Dummy pages"

This has a lot of advantages.

1. Only people who are interested in the subject will click through.

2. Your visitors will then stay longer as just 10 - 15 seconds

3. Your bouncing rate in your original statistics will not increase

4. You can use different Headlines to find out which one is more attractive

Which Traffic Exchange to start with?

Klaus is member in uncountable numbers of traffic exchange services. Your website office will introduce just few of them them to you. We prefer those services with a big membership and relieable owners. One of them is Marty Petrizza. Her Website traffic traffic exchange service is also offering a unique E-mail service. Which combines two ways of successfull marketing.

Website traffic hog, traffic exchange and mailer

Easyhits4u is clearly the leader of the traffic exchanges because members can target their traffic by countries and languages. Those are a good to start with.

Here you can read why Easyhits4you is a good start to begin with.

Should you upgrade traffic exchanges from free to professional?

If you don't have the time to visit other peoples pages all services are offering you to upgrade your free account. You will get a certain ammount of credits which means views to your sites.

If you want to promote traffic exchange services upgrading is always a good choice. If you promote them seriously, as if they would be your own product you will earn commissions.

Here you can find the list of traffic exchanges where Klaus is member and promoter. Read my Review of clickfredtraffic if you are a fan of PTC sites.



Website Traffic Exchange

"Do not use automated traffic exchange. Always use manual traffic exchange services"