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Website Design & free Websites

One can easy find free online services who offer you to built your own website for free. Most of them are coming along with easy drag and drop built in website design creators. Some of them do display more or less advertisings at your new created page. One can get rid of them only by upgrading to a full member account and or by buying the domain and their hosting service. This can end up very expensive, so please be aware and read the terms and conditions very closely.

Your website office team clearly prefers the free service of Weebly. One will get unlimited bandwith and one can even built 2 sites for free. Of course you will only get a Subdomain for free, but they do not bother your visitors with a bunch of advertisements. The web design creator is easy to handle and you will have your first Website done in just 30 minutes. It is also good that the help features are easy to understand.

Sad that all of those free offers have at least small restrictions which shortens your ability to create a perfect SEO. The full features will be enabled only if you upgrade.

SEO and website design

Search engines like to have a content rich website. That doesn't mean that they have to look boring. One can always use pictures or videos to spice up the website design. Videos and pictures do work out best in terms of SEO, if they are placed close to the top of the pages. But too many of them will decrease the time for loading your site, so be aware that you resice pictures just as big as needed for the display. Search engines measure the quality of pictures as well and they simply hate when browsers are forced to resice pictures. A simply plain HTML source code is always the best solution in terms of SEO. Try to avoid too many frames and popups or even better simply don't use them. Videos are best if you would upload them to Youtube and then just embedd the code into your pages. Never use shockwave or flash videos. Non of the major search engines like them.

Our Website design service is quite affordable

Your website office will create a Website design for you which is fully optimized in Terms of SEO. We even do the researches for you to find the niche keywords to make sure, that your new website will have a chance to be found at Google's page one. We are not promising to much, but as of now all our clients are well satisfied with the search results for their desired keywords. (see our references). If you want to be your own webdesigner read about webhosting with wordpress.

This is what you receive as our standard website design service

* 1 website layout that fit's to your business

* a total of 6 perfectly written and designed pages including 1 contact form

* we configure your hosting Server including your E-mail account set up

* our SEO Service package is included.

* our Backlink service is included during the first year.

* any kind of content changes during our service are free of further charges

This is how we work together for you to built your website design

You will be the one who owns the Domain and who signs up for a hosting service of your choice. That insures that you are not bounded to our service. You will then send us the access details to your hosting account and we start working for you. Simple as that. Iyou don't have a URL and Host yet, ONE.COM is the most reliable and cheapest you can find. If you have to install scripts or if you want to have the choice Build Your Site Online With Site Studio Template System! Easy to Use!, then Hostgator is the best choice. You can then easy make changes, after we had set up your optimized pages.

If you want to add more than one URL or you like to have unlimited subdomains and if you like to install a shopping cart for your website, then Hostgator is Your best choice to be your website hosting service. Their easy to use website builder and the 1 click script installer is just perfect. You will get a 100 USD Voucher Code for your first google adsense campaign. The adsactly team offers comparable prices and hostingservices as well. They offer more than just webhosting. See what else you will need when you start up your own online business.

As soon we receive your details we will ask for your payment to our Paypal account. 370 USD is what we do charge for the first year. 185 USD for the following years. A package price for our standard service which costs you more than 500 USD.

Website Design and Graphic Design

Website Design comes along with graphic design. Our graphic designs are based on your company logo (if you have one) if not we can create one for you like we created our Logo YWO. Colors and fonts will be friendly to the eyes of your visitors. If you want some special effects or Banners to be created we recommend Linda Hoangs, graphic design. Her Graphics are clear and professionell designed and the price is quite affordable.


The internet is free

The internet is free and your website office always shows you other free options for you to chose from.

It is always best to do things at your own and your website office will guide you to what is best for you.

hostgator hosts all my sites