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What is a whitelist email?

The whitelist email is quite the opposite of the blacklist. If you send out a whitelist email, you are on the save and legal side to advertise your business by sending whitelist emails because the recipients have agreed to receive emails from you.

What is whitelisting?

Not just that members of a email list had to agree, that they want to receive emails form that list, they usually are double opt in members. Anyway if you are member of an emaillist, and you want to receive the members mails, you make sure that they do not end up in a spam folder of yours. If they do, unflag them as spam. Whitelisting mails is important. For example if you use a Gmail account, which is the only one world wide accepted Email-account for safelists or emaillists, you can either unflagging an incoming spam mail or you can set a filter, that all mails from that list are not Spam. That's what is whitelisting and that's how it works the best.

What does "double opt in" mean?

When you sign up for a whitelist mail, you will first have to sign up for it, which means you agree to their terms and conditions and secondly, you will receive an email and will be asked to confirm, that you really want to be a member and that you want to send and receive emails. That's quite frankly, what "double opt in" means.

Why using whitelist email services?

If you want to succeed with E-mailmarketing, you should be aware, that sending spam is not just a crime, it is quite useless. Only people who have agreed to receive your emails are going to read them serious and the chance to built up a business relation is far more higher even if you have send only few mails out, but they were legal and from a whitelist email-service. E-mail Marketing through white listed services is what makes the difference. Yes Email Marketing is still one of the best resources for your business. Take a look at this video and see why.

E-Mail Hog has already 9000 members and has been a resourceful tool of mine since it launched. It is permantly growing and worth every single cent. Being an upgraded member there will enhance your success.

Millionleadsforfree is one of the oldest and most successful E-mail service, where more than 3 million members have agreed to receive your mails. Its free as they promise and it works as they promised. For just a small fee you can even send out more than just 5000 Emails every day.

The mailers and safelists, which are shown at this page are all working and they all have double opt in members. Do not harm your business while spamming. One or even more of this lists and get you message seen from interested people which are not bothered to read your mails.



Whitelist Email marketing

"Do not spam, whitlisting your mails and use legal whitelist E-mail services only"

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